Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Player/Manager - Paul Pannell

Footballheads final game of the season against the only team to beat the footballheads – Rayleigh Wizards. With the top spot already in the bag, are their heads on the game?
Pannell said mid week “the celebrations have already started, but I know that with nothing to worry about the boys will be full of confidence and put on a show for the fans”
Footballheads are without 6 first team players, but Pannell has brought in a player from the youth squad, Steven Card to keep a strong side. The club have invested a lot of money in this young man, lets see what hes made of. New boys Liam Willis and Nick Chamberlain filling in again.
This week we could see a slight change to the Footballhead set up, all to be revealed.!!


Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Later then expected due to a technical fault but ladies and gentleman all is good and we can now finally bring you the full match from the Reds against A T F C billed as the 'TITLE CLINCHER!"

Friday, 19 September 2008


Ole, ole, ole, ole.....

we are the champs, we are the champs!

The FootballHeads celebrate after there impressive title winning season.


Its about time we delivered you some more player profile photos, we at Reds World had an opertunity to have a few moments with manager Paul Pannell, Defender Luke Mayes & new boy Liam Willis just before there hard thought title winning match against A T F C.
And here is what we got for you.

Paul Pannell

Luke Mayes

Liam Willis


Here are a few exclusive Reds World treats for you, all footage was taken straight after the A T F C match when the FootballHeads finally clinched the league one title.

First up is the reds shot stopper Ben Robbins.

Heres an exclusive interview with the new signing Liam Willis.

The we have a bit of Gilly Time from the goal machine Ricky Gill.

More to come.....with an exclusive interview from manager Paul Pannell and plenty more.

Stay tuned

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Manager Paul Pannell was delighted with man of the match Liam Willis' display and goals in the title clinching last game versus ATFC.

We have brought you the highlights from Liam Willis' 2 wonder goals and hope you all enjoy the footage.

Another Reds exclusive!


Wednesday 17th September 2008, a historical day in the history of The FootballHeads. The Reds in their penultimate game of the season against league rivals ATFC, knowing that only a draw would ensure the league title.

Moments before the game, Paul Pannell managed to loan in Basildon born Liam Willis, 22, to try and bolster the depleted squad.

Robbins returning from a horrific ankle injury, but without Daniel Mayes, Ross Webster and Craig Victory.

The Reds started off a little shaky playing with an unusual 5 a side rather than the usual 6.

Chances were coming thin for both sides until a ludicrous challenge from Reds defender, Luke Mayes, brought about a silly silly penalty.

‘’Looking back it was a mistake’’ blasted Mayes

All eyes were on Robbins between the sticks, the ATFC striker stepped up to the plate and calmly slotted home past the Reds number 1. 0-1!

Panic could have easily begun to set in, but Pannell rallying his side sent out a war cry for calmness and warning against complacency.

His cries were heard, and his faith was repaid in the form of new loanee Liam Willis.

Willis, picking the ball up on the edge of the ATFC box, fiercely drove home a well struck shot of which the keeper had no chance.

The tempo begun to pick up, chins had raised. The boys knew they were on their way to the league title.

Still wary of mistakes, Pannell, Mayes and Rider tightened up at the back to consolidate the lead.

Then, yet again, loanee hero Liam Willis got himself on the score sheet for a second time.

Taking control of the ball at an acute angle he burst down the right hand flank and hit a superb strike from distance past the unavailing keeper. 2-1!

Willis was certainly repaying his managers faith in him.


After a rocky start the Reds were now in pole position and manager Pannell didn’t want the performance to drop.

There were a few rocky moments at the back as both teams pushed for further goals creating more space and opportunities.

Then out of nowhere Gill was unleashed on goal and hit a fine strike which cannoned back off the bar.

Was this a sign that maybe things were to take a turn for the worse?

Certainly not, as Luke Mayes pounced at goal to get himself on the score sheet taking his tally to 5 for the season calmly side footing past the keeper after a superb move from the Reds. 3-1!

It seemed wrapped up but within minutes a slight lack of concentration aloud an easy goal to be scored by the ATFC striker. 3-2

With 5 minutes left nerves were beginning to show, another clear cut chance for ATFC but a fine save from Robbins, tipping it over the bar, prevented the lead being scuppered.



Scenes of joy could be seen all around as they players celebrated their tremendous achievement.

No smiles were bigger than Reds manager Paul Pannell:

‘’Its such a good feeling, we have a dominant hard working team here and im proud to be in charge of such a fantastic squad, AV IT!’’ squealed an emotional Paul Pannell

New boy Liam Willis reacted to the scenes in a modest way stating

‘’Im glad I got out there and done the club, players, manager and most importantly the fans proud’’ He declared

‘’I took my goals well and am over the moon to help bring the silverware to the FootballHeads, im now looking forward to the last game of the season next week’’ he demanded.

Willis was later handed the man of the match by Reds manager Pannell.

We will still bring you updates and post match reactions of next weeks final game versus Reds nemesis and only team to take a point from then, Rayleigh Wizards.

Commmme onnnnnnnn yooooou Reds!

Squad: Robbins, Hughes, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, L. Willis, and Gill


The squad gathered last night for there annual season crossbar challenge, it was a great evening and all the squad enjoyed themselves.

They was also greeted with a new face too, in the shape of the newly acquired signing of Liam Willis,
"As soon as i heard that the reds were interested in me, my heart raced, i had to be apart of it, it’s always been a dream of mine, I’m so pleased to be playing for them" commented a very happy Liam.

So here it is the crossbar challenge, we hope you enjoy it, you’re definitely in for a treat, let us know what you think.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


The Official FootballHeads website would like to clarify and put right the disturbing rumour that is spreading on the internet today regarding the FootballHeads manager Paul Pannell, it has come on the eve of the most important game for the Reds and it was the last thing that the team or particularly manager Paul Pannell needed, Paul Pannell does not know the boy in mention, let alone be the father to the boy,
“I cant believe this story has even broke”
“it really upsets me that there would even be a person out there evil enough to accuse me of such a thing”
“I just cant believe it, what have I done to anyone to deserve this, I keep myself to myself and that’s always been the case”
uttered a tearful and angry Pannell. We will take action against any more of this slander and accusations made, the rumour is completely untrue and we would like you to all get behind the reds support them all the way tonight in what should be an amazing achievement for the club, and be the icing on the cake for The FootballHeads this season.

The boy in question "Terry Becker" aged 7.


With the apparent loss of Ross Webster, adding to a string of missing Reds players, Daniel Mayes (Hamstring), Craig Victory (College), Matt Hughes (50/50), manager Paul Pannell has drafted in a loan signing ahead of tonights potential league clincher against ATFC.

After an unsuccesful approach for Brazilian legend Ronaldo, due to an unsuccessful medical, the Reds have seeked a different replacement

''We met with Ronaldos agents and even agreed terms!'' grinned Pannell

''But after carrying out an extensive medical ahead of tonights game, we were advised that Ronnies injuries are quite extensive and at present not to conclude a deal, which was a huge dissappointment'' he grumbled.

Liam Willis, 22, has signed till the end of the season for the Reds declaring he has always had a high regard for the club.

''I've always admired the team, their work ethic, and their true guts and determination. Its something i base my own game on to be honest'' bleeted the basildon born speedy playmaker

''The imminent silverware was also a major attraction for me, i want to win trophies with the FootballHeads and am glad to be joining up with the boys''

''Hopefully i can deliver the goods tonight and help the boys secure the league'' Shreiked Willis.

Willis is expected to play a part in tonights crunch clash according to gaffer Paul Pannell.

''I spoke to Liam pre season but the timing and commitments were not good at the time to bring him in. Now its all sorted though and i am glad to have him part of the squad. Hopefully he can repay my faith in him with a good performance tonight'' groaned Pannell.


FootballHeads face ATFC tonight in Rayleigh with just a draw needed to clinch the title but with one of their most famous player nowhere in sight.

Ross Webster has apparently not confirmed he will be travelling to Sweyne Park with his team-mates, but neither did he appear on the club medical department's list of injured players. He may miss his first League game... and just when his manager needs him most.

Webster has not contacted Pannell or the team since last weeks drubbing of Spatan 7.

The club's leading scorer, Ricky Gill, admitted: "I would like Ross to play. We have to fight for what is left and then when the season is over we will make decisions. We are all playing for our futures and for the league title."

A reaction is expected from FootballHeads players. There was a heated discussion in their final training session before last weeks victory and utility man Ross Webster was among several players understood not to have held back from voicing his opinion of recent performances.

FootballHeads have only lost one game this season and need a single point to secure the league title.

Goalkeeper Ben Robbins has warned against throwing caution to the wind against the opposition ATFC in an effort to make up for apparent loss of Webster. "It is important to remember that there is still a chance we could lose out on the title and we have to pick up a good result," he said.

We will bring you more updates as they break...


It's about that time when we bring you another Reds exclusive, and boy do we have a treat for you ladies with this particular one!

He's become a ladies favourite with his youthful looks and that baby face, you love him for his no nonsense footballing style and the way he commands respect on the pitch.

Well here is the moment you've all been waiting for Leon's official player card we all at The FootballHeads HQ hope you like.


After last nights late fitness test physio Jay De Baggio has ruled Daniel Mayes out for tonight’s crunch match against A T F C. The news of this has rocked the reds camp, and brought even more nerves to the rest of the reds players, manager Paul Pannell commented on the situation "the boys are nervous, I’m not denying that, they now know what they have to do in order to bring the silver wear home, if they want it enough they can do it, but if not then its tough luck they don’t deserve it, but I’m telling you, there might only be 2 games left but if any of them out there don’t pull there weight, THERE OUT! no ones guaranteed a place next season and i want to see the will in the players to go out there and show me there good enough, I don’t want anything but a win, ill demand it from them!” Ranted a very moody Pannell. He also added “The news that Daniel has been ruled out didn’t come as a shock because i knew he had troubles and he's proved that, he has to sort himself out, it’s not good for me, the team or even himself!" Said a very sarcastic Pannell.

Today to commemorate Daniel’s achievement for the team here is an exclusive player card download of the man himself

We hope you like


As we continue to bring you the player profile/photocards we now bring you one of the Reds goalscoring hitman Ricky Gill.

Ricky has enjoyed a tremendous campaign firing on all cyclinders with 13 goals so far with 2 games left.

We hope you enjoy..... (Click image to download)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


As a tribute to the Reds heroic number 1, here is a downloadable player photo card of the elusive FootballHeads shot stopper Ben Robbins.

Enjoy! (click on the image to download)


Rumours have been circulating that Reds number 1 shot stopper, Ben Robbins, is in line for a sensational return to the starting line up this week.

Robbins, was thought to maybe miss the rest of the campaign after what appeared to be an horrific injury.

Landing awkwardly on his ankle, after feeling a ''sharp shooting pain'' Robbins screams in agony could be heard from across the pitch.

''Bens ankle had extensive swelling around the area of the ankle joint. A common musculoskeletal injury in which the ligaments of the ankle partially or completely tear due to sudden stretching. This typically occurs when the ankle is suddenly "twisted" in a sports activity or by stepping off an uneven surface. The pain is initially severe and can be associated with a "popping" sensation. Immediate swelling over the area of injury often occurs as the injured blood vessels leak fluid into the local tissue. Partial tears retain some ankle stability, whereas complete tears lose stability because the strapping ligaments no longer brace the ankle joint'' explained Bens physio, Dr Patel.

He was stretchered off but after resting and carrying out rehab and physio provided by Dr Patel, Robbins has apparently declared to Reds manager Paul Pannell that he is ready to return.

With the Reds only needing 1 more point to secure the league title Robbins will be eager to be in the team and be as dominant between the sticks as he has been this whole season.

We will bring you more news as it breaks...


So you know the players, you've seen them play, you like there style, and you now have a favourite?..........
well now its time to let it be known?

Whoever it be, VOTE! you know you want too


although the quality of the image is a little off, we are still hopeful that the fans of the FootballHeads will still enjoy this exclusive opportunity to download the full image, its set at a resolution customized to be quickly and simply added as your new desktop wallpaper as all of us here at the FootballHeads HQ have done so. Just click on the image and right click your mouse and select save to, its as simple as that.

so here it is, let us know what you think.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Ricky's 5th and favourite goal from the recent reds match against Spatan 7, we hope you enjoy this Reds world exclusive. GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


Manager Paul Pannell's emotional post match interview after the reds 6 nil win and almost title clinching game against Spatan 7

We hope you also enjoy our free to download player portrait card.

Ricky Gill's Post Match Interview

Reds world can now bring you golden boy ricky gill's estatic reaction to his fine performance against Spatan 7.


The Full uninterrupted match video from the latest Footballheads victory, the six nil drubbing over Spatan 7.

We hope you enjoy this Reds world exclusive


Ricky Gill goal fest!!

This was a game the gaffer felt a little uneasy about, with 4 key squad members short, and the fact that it was a game they had to win to keep ATFC and Rayleigh Wizards at bay.
Pannell had to call in on loan from Lemons, the notorious Nick Chamberlain to replace the injured Ben Robbins. Gaffer said before the game “ I’m still feeling the pain from the loss of Robbins, potentially for the rest of the season, but this young man I have brought in on loan has been influential for Lemons and know he will for the footballheads too”

The loss of Craig ‘don’t f#*k with me’ Victory has also saddened the atmosphere around the club, “I even see Ross having a little cry in the changing room prior to kick off, yelling ‘I love you Craig Victory’ ” quoted the boss. We hope this doesn’t effect the performance of any of the footballheads.
Bad news with Leon Rider having logistical problems, leaving the boys with only two defenders, but should be back in the heart of the defence for next weeks game. And unfortunately last week we lost Daniel Mayes with a pulled hamstring following on from his surgery on his knee but again he should be back next week.

Great news for the Footballheads minutes before kick off, as ATFC had just dropped points against Only Fools, this meant that with a win against Spatan the other teams could only catch us and beat us on goal difference.

We came flying out the blocks with Ricky Gill scoring 3 goals within the first 5 minutes, one of which was from his own miscontrol, that he reacted on super quick and managed to slot past the dazed goal keeper.- amazing!

From here the boys gained more confidence and took total control of the game. The defence kept it strong, pushing right up into their half putting on the pressure, allowing Ross, Rick and Matt to show off some neat foot work.
To make things worse for Spatan Matt Hughes received the ball on the edge of the box, turned and calmly side footed it into the bottom corner.

Half Time

The Footballheads came out even stronger, but Spatan managed to hold out for a while before Gill put another past the fed up goalkeeper. A few minutes later, after some clumsy defending by Spatan, Rick got a touch in front of an open goal to put it in. Many more chances came but none terminated.

Full Time

Good confident performance by all involved. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of the impressive Nick Chamberlain, but he may be called upon a lot more next week against ATFC.
With the win under our belts it buts us 6 points clear with only 2 games to play. Our lips are almost on that little trophy.

Man of the Match: RICKY GILL!!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Reds manager Paul Pannell once again had a full squad at his disposal to help increase the gap at the top of the table, providing his side could come out on top against Converso.

Reds got back to winning ways last week after a hard thought 1-0 victory over Only Fools and Pannell expected a similar robust performance from his boys.

Prior to kick off, news broke that Rayleigh Wizards had suffered a shock 1-0 defeat against Only Fools, meaning the gap could be further increased at the top should the Reds win.

Dan Mayes was included in the starting line up this week as he continued his comeback from injury.

The FootballHeads started comfortably, confidence had been boosted after last weeks win.

Some neat inter play between the midfield and the defence looking strong.

Not many chances were available as both sides looked to put up a strng wall at the back.

Some neat play between Gill, Webster and Mayes was unable to carve out any clear cut chances but the Reds plugged away.

Gill burst down the wing and appeared to be clattered by a clumsy tackle from a Converso defender.

Gill looked up at the ref who in return pointed at the spot. PENALTY!!!

The FootballHeads only other penalty this season went to Webster who was unable to capitalize, so Reds top scorer Gill snatched the ball and made a B-Line for the penalty spot.

Silence was in the air and all that was present was a strong gust of wind trickling across the field.

Gill calmly placed the ball on the spot, stepped back and waited for the whistle…………………


Gill was unlucky as his strike stuck the inside of the right post and spun across the goal line.

The Reds continued to pursue and pressure the opposition. Then came the first injury of the game.

Dan Mayes chased down the ball down the wing and pulled up with a hamstring problem.

‘’Its very very dissappointing’’ He moaned

‘’The gaffer gave me a start out there and I thought things were going well and I was enjoying it out there. This is another huge set back for me and is very frustrating but hopefully I will be able to play some part in the rest of the season if I recover in time’’ He bleeted

On came the reinforcements in the shape of Hughes, L. Mayes and Pannell.


Pannell gave an encouraging team talk to his men and told them to win this one for the fans.

The boys reacted to the gaffers words and came out fighting strong, some excellent play across the pitch and great communication lead by Pannell, lead to the Reds being too strong for the opposition.

Ricky Gill then made amends for his penalty miss when he once again got himself on the score sheet.

The hitman poached his way through the defence and prodded the ball passed the converse keeper. 1-0!

Gill has been on fire this season and is the leagues top goal scorer on 8 goals.

The lighting was poor and it was almost turning pitch black on the pitch, then came another injury blow for the Reds.

Keeper Ben Robbins, came out and caught a freekick but as he landed he fell awkwardly on his ankle and suffered what is initially understood to be a bad sprain.

‘’He went down screaming. We thought he had broke his leg or something’’ smirked utility man Craig Victory.

Robbins was carried off the pitch in agony as Reds defender Luke Mayes donned the keeper shirt and took over in goal for the final 5 minutes.

‘’I felt a sharp shooting pain in my ankle’’ growled the injured Robbins

‘’I will go home and put an ice pack on it and see what the physio says during the week ‘’ he wallowed

FootballHeads managed to keep it tight at the back as Pannell, Victory and Rider defended with their hearts on their sleeves for the final 5 minutes.


The Reds are nearly there; this win puts them further ahead of the chasing pack with only 3 games remaining.

Will the injury to Robbins be a serious one? Will the Reds suffer without their number one between the sticks? One thing is for sure, we will bring you updates and announcement as news breaks from the number 1 team in essex!

Tune in next week as we bring you all the latest news, view and interviews.

Commmme onnnnnnnn yooooou Reds!

Squad: Robbins, Hughes, Rider, Pannell, D. Mayes, L. Mayes, Victory, Webster and Gill

Goals: Gill

Man of the Match: Gill

Monday, 1 September 2008


LONDON, England (AP) -- Essex side FootballHeads says it was contacted about a takeover by a United Arab Emirates business group, but the deal fell flat after is was revealed the group opted for premiership outfit Manchester City.

The Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment earlier Monday told The Associated Press that it had been discussing a possible takeover deal with 2 unnamed football clubs on Sunday night.

Man City says in a statement that a "Memorandum of Understanding" has been signed between the club and Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG). We understand a deal was also tabled to essex side FootballHeads but an agreement was unable to be met with them''

"A period of due diligence for all parties, including the FA Premier League has now been entered," City added.

The agreement allows the investors to request information from Man City and the Premier League.

Paul Pannel, who is currently the Essex side owner and assistant accountant, tells the AP that he himself will retain the full stake of the club.

Financial terms were not immediately available.

He did state however,

''Obviously i am very dissapointed that a deal wasnt agreed and we have now missed out. I kept the deal tight lipped as i didnt want to dissappoint the fans if the whole thing went belly up. It would have been an extraordinary coup for the club if we had struck a deal'' snapped a frustrated Pannell

In the meantime the Reds look ahead to their next match on wednesday against league contenders Converso.

Friday, 29 August 2008


Following this weeks crucial 1-0 victory against Only Fools, we thought we would bring you the wonder strike from the Reds top scorer Ricky Gill.

Gill, now on 7 for the season, drove a fine left footed strike through the legs of the defender and past the flailing keeper.



Reds manager Paul Pannell had a full squad to utilise last night following the inclusion of influential midfielder Craig Victory.

Victory had started all but 1 game for the reds and that game being their only loss last week.

‘’I do partly put the defeat down to the fact that I wasn’t present last week. I had a few loose ends I had to tie up with my book publishers which is why I couldn’t make it’’ chuckled the Wickford chap.

So, following the shock defeat to Rayleigh Wizards last week The Reds needed to bounce back this week.

Prior to kick off, ATFC and the Wizards had just drawn meaning that The FootballHeads could once again open up a gap again of 3 points at the top of the league should they win.

Victory was placed straight into the starting line up and the game was underway.

The FootballHeads started cautious, surely an impact of last weeks shocking defeat.

Flowing movement and intricate passes, this was FootballHeads bouncing back.

Once again, same referee as last week, the Reds were up against it with the whistle happy referee.

Not many chances were created by either team in the first half; most of the battle was being played in the midfield with Victory, Hughes and Webster all on key form.

A few good saves from Reds number 1 Robbins made sure that they were not going to go behind and have to chase the game.

‘’I have looked at my game and decided to hit the gym more. I can see myself bulking up and am currently bench pressing 60kgs, I can feel the benefits and my biceps feel bulging ’’ murmured a pumped up Robbins

To tight to call the first half was brought to an end by the referee.


When interviewed about why the Reds weren’t ahead Pannell declared,

‘’It’s not going well, not good enough, nobody is working hard enough out there’’

The tempo was then upped by Pannells men. Webster twisting and turning down the wing, Gill causing havoc up front for the defenders, Mayes and Rider creating a brick wall at the back.

Then came the turning point of the game, the ever influential Matt Hughes burst down the right pitch side and cross fired the ball into the feet of Gill. Gill spun on his heels opened up his feet and drove a cracking strike through the legs of the defender and pass the diving keeper off the post and in. 1-0!

All that was left was for the FootballHeads to tighten up at the back and midfield, and just see the game out. Then another controversial decision was made.

Following a disallowed goal from Gill (who else!) Matt Hughes saw red mist and unleashed a torrent of abusive aimed at the referee. He then squared up to the man in black and told him what he thought of his performance.

The Ref showed the red card to Hughes and the Reds were forced to carry out the rest of the half with 5 men.

When questioned Hughes stormed,

‘’He’s a F$%king C*&t’’ blasted Hughes.

When asked if he agreed with the red card he squealed,

‘’Nooooo-ooo, I just told him about a few of his decisions’’

Pannell then brought himself on and nailed down at the back

Only fools barely troubled shot stopper Robbins.


The Reds are back on track to win the title; this win puts them 3 points clear at the top and now only they can bring about their downfall.

Was the shock defeat the kick that the FootballHeads needed? Do they have one hand on the title? With only a few games remaining surely silverware is near enough a certainty.

Tune in next week as we bring you all the latest news, view and interviews.

Commmme onnnnnnnn yooooou Reds!

Squad: Robbins, Hughes, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, C. Victory, Webster and Gill

Goals: Gill

Cards: Red (1) Hughes

Man of the Match: Ross Webster

Thursday, 28 August 2008


After the reds latest tough thought one nil win over only fools, Reds World can now bring you the official match video.

we all here hope you enjoy


Paul Pannell has been successful in his appeal for the red card shown to Matt Hughes to be rescinded.

Hughes, 24, was sent off for dissent after a decision cost the Reds a second goal.

Later, video evidence proved that the Refs decision was actually incorrect and as a result Hughes will not face a ban. ''I had a word with Matty, i told him his attitude needs to change on the pitch and i wasn't happy with the way he reacted to the decision.'' declared Pannell ''The club takes a strict stance against this kind of behaviour and i will have none of my players behave in this way including Matt, if he doesn't like it then tough luck.'' he screamed.

Hughes was interviewed after his intital card and we can provide you with that interview EXCLUSIVELY, including the incident and Pannells initial reaction to the card.


Following the result last night, we managed to get a quick interview with the elusive Reds managaer Paul Pannell and questioned him on his thoughts and reaction to his teams win after a shocking defeat last week.

We will try and get the ''Gaffers Verdict'' after each game and bring you his reaction EXCLUSIVELY.


As ever, we were first on the scene to bring you EXCLUSIVE interviews and reactions to the last game.

The following interviews, from Ben Robbins on the Reds ''Bouncebackability'' and from the team heart-throb Ross Webster post match reaction, follow.

Remember to tune in each and every week for the latest news and updates on The FootballHeads.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Footballheads had every reason to be confident going into this game, 4 wins from 4 games, sitting pretty at the top of the league 4 points ahead of closest rivals Rayleigh Wizards. Wizards being the only remaining opposition for the FootballHeads.

Matt Hughes returning to the squad but without the utility man Craig Victory.

Unfortunately, the Wizards, only showed up with 5 players so the Reds were forced to side a field of only 5 men meaning 3 subs. This was later to be of a disadvantage to the Reds who are used to playing 6 a side football. Much more space on the pitch made this match completely different from the rest, Wizards coming out strong showing they were to be no push over’s.

Wizards took the lead with some neat play creating space and opening up an opportunity which they took by slotting home past the consistent Robbins in goal.

Reds did not look their usual self but were carving out numerous opportunities but to no avail. Pannell tinkering with the squad, keeping faces fresh to try and change things up. Then came an equaliser at the feet of Reds much talked about Matt Hughes. Hughes placed a fine shot past the Wizards keeper bringing back much needed hope for the FootballHeads. 1-1 Half Time Once again opportunities were coming thick and fast for the Reds but it just wasn’t happening.

L. Mayes, Rider and Pannell solidifying at the back trying to keep the Wizards at bay. Then came a break away from the Wizards, counter play and some neat passes set a Wizard through one on one with Robbins. Robbins spread himself as much as possible and slid down at the feet of the opposition but a fine side foot over the keeper made it 2-1 to the Wizards. This was now unchartered territory for the Reds. Behind with only minutes to go. Defending their The tempo sped up for Pannells men. More opportunities came and went. Just as it was looking as though it just wasn’t their day, Webster, after some fine trickery and skills fell supremely to a clumsy challenge from a Wizards defender in the area.


Webster clutching the ball stepped up to try and pull the equaliser back. Tension, silence. All that was present was a gusty wind. Webster, taking deep breathe struck his shot at goal……………………….


Shock, HORROR! The Wizards keeper leaving a trailing leg, finely saved the shot and deflected it wide. Seconds remaining and about to lose the ‘’Invincibles’’ tag, The Reds frantically tried to get back in the match but it was too late FINAL WHISTLE

The FootballHeads have lost there 100% status and the gap is closed to just one single point. A sympathetic Pannell spoke after the game wimpering ‘’It was just one of those days when it wasn’t going to happen for us. I think the lads gave it their all but with 5 players a side it made the game completely different, more space, and it just didn’t work out for us’’ ‘’We will review the game, I will tell the boys where they went wrong and what they can do to stop it from happening again’’ ‘’There is a down mood coming from the boys at the moment but they need to pick themselves up and just get out there next week and make up for it, I can see us bouncing back next week although it will be tough’’ Luke Mayes was furious with one person in particular after the game and made it known, ‘’The ref was a f£$king joke’’ He blasted ‘’HE cost us that game, he was very whistle happy and the game just could not flow. I felt like nutting him out there’’

So, exactly half of the season gone, the Reds, now without their 100% record STILL sit at the top of the pile but the gap only a single point. Can they do it? How will they react to the defeat? Will it be downhill from now or will the boys bounce back next week? One thing is for sure, we will be there next week and bring you all the latest news as it happens!

Squad: Robbins, Hughes, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, D. Mayes, Webster and Gill Goals: M. Hughes

Man of the Match: Paul Pannell

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Thefootballheads.blogspot can confirm breaking news just in. Matt Hughes has said to have settled his differences with mananger Paul Pannell and the club and is set to make a return to the team tonight as they take on their last remaining opposition.

It is not yet understood how the rest of the team will react to his inclusion but Paul Pannell has reported to have whispered:

''It may get one or two of the boys backs up but Matt has told me where he see's his future and has solidified his commitment to the footballheads. I hope the boys wont give him a hard time settling back in, hopefully Matty will let his football do the talking and prove me right by putting him straight back into the fold''

The Reds player became unsettled earlier in the season and went AWOL whilst considering his options much to the disgruntlement of fellow teammates and fans.

One influencial fan even went as far as demonstrating outside the clubs headquarters and stated

''If that greedy b$%stard doesn't want to commit himself to the club then we should get rid of the arrogant sh%t!''

Hughes was unavailable to comment although we will be pitchside tonight and try to get an interview with the ever arrogant starlet.

Monday, 18 August 2008


We here at Reds World are sorry the match was'nt brought to you earlier but we can now exclusively reveal to you the match footage from the latest footballheads impressive 2 nil win against A T F C.

Another great win and an impressive result to go along with it

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 14 August 2008


So far this campaign The FootballHeads Shot stopper Ben Robbins has been in top form only conceding 3 goals whilst keeping 2 clean sheets!

Here's our tribute to the Reds number 1


Last night saw The FootballHeads take on league contenders ATFC in the fourth game of the season.

This match pitted the league leaders against second place ATFC with just 2 points the difference and both teams defending their undefeated status.

The weather conditions were thought to maybe play a part in the match as strong gusts of winds bleated across the playing field. The atmosphere, intensity and pressure of the game were felt by all.

The Reds, once again without influential playmaker Matt Hughes, looked set to grasp one hand on the league trophy should they pull out a win.

ATFC started the stronger of the two sides, playing very attacking football, whilst Reds seemed to be playing to deep and causing pressure upon themselves.

Constant bombardment from the ATFC players in the first half forced Reds shot stopper Ben Robbins to pull off numerous fine and brave saves, he seemed to be having the game of his life. If it weren’t for the string of saves the Reds could have found themselves in trouble going into the second half.

The best and only real chance of the first half fell to the (at the start of the game joint top goalscorer) feet of Luke Mayes. Mayes one on one with only the keeper to beat decided to go alone but struck a weak shot at the feet of the opposing keeper. Frustration was beginning to be seem on manager Paul Pannells face.

Second Half

Playing into the wind, after a stern half time team talk from the infuriated Pannell, FootballHeads came out of the starting block in a much more positive stance.

Flowing football, acute passes, smooth Runs, this was the kind of performance that is usually seen from the league leaders.

A move started after a fine save and quick thinking by the unbeatable Robbins created an opportunity. He threw the ball out early to L. Mayes and started a counter attack. Mayes burst down the left wing and gave the ball too Ross Webster. Quick thinking Webster spotted the ruthless Ricky Gill in the box and placed a superb cross to him, who then struck a fine volley which cracked against the bar but as it came down it clipped the heal of the keeper and crossed the line. 1-0 ! Gill taking his goal tally to 5 for the season.

More fine saves from unflappable Robbins made sure the lead was kept.

Then came the second and final goal of the game, Leon Rider solid as ever at the back, played a 30yard ball over the top of the defence and into the feet of Gill. Cool calm and collectively the hotshot Gill fired an impressive drive straight pass the ATFC keeper from 10 yards out. 2-0! Gill now on 6 goals

Pannell and Victory then tightened the screws at the back making sure the lead was secure.

‘’The boys gave me a lot to do in the first half’’ growled Robbins. ‘’I was, as ever, up to the task though and made sure I got to everything I possibly could. I just wasn’t going to be beaten out there, I wanted the win so bad’ He yelped.

Robbins was handed the man of the match for his sensational performance.

Delight at the final whistle could be seen on all of the Reds faces but in particular player/manager Paul Pannell.

‘’These boys are f%*$ing sensational. I think I have created an invincible team this year and expect us to go all the way. I cant describe how proud I am of the team, it is an honour to be the manager of this quality club’’ Screeched a tearful Pannell

So, just under halfway through the season the FootballHeads see themselves comfortably at the top of the league, played 4 won 4. Can this be the invincible season, can they do the unthinkable and win every game? One thing is for sure, they will give it their best shot!

Next week the FootballHeads take on Rayleigh Wizards which should see them, once again take all three points based on previous results. The match review will follow after that game.

Squad: Robbins, Victory, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, D. Mayes, Webster and Gill

Goals: R. Gill (2)

Man of the Match: Ben Robbins

Friday, 8 August 2008


Due to popular demand from our female fan base we have provided you lucky viewers with a quick montage and appreciation video clip of the ''ever popular with the ladies'' Ross Webster. ''I cant believe the response i have had from the female fans this season, it is truly overwhelming and i appreciate and love them all for their support for me. I have even had marriage proposals in the fan mail, its crazy!'' Shrieked an excited Webster. Webster is thought to be in the early stages of producing and developing his own male/female lingerie line. If this developes then as always we will be first with details.

So here is what all you females have been waiting for, enjoy! (Make sure speakers are turned ON)


Reds World can offically bring you a moment of magic from the boy that is getting all the attention from many of the local yougsters that look upto him for his world renowned skills, if this is anything to go by from the start of his comeback, we can only get more and more excited by what we have got to come to see

we all at Reds World hope you enjoy


Wreckless Rider's dangerous tackle to be looked into by the FA's disciplinary board which could then see Rider facing court action and possible ban, tell us what you think?

Here's the video footage of the incident in question


Footballheads versatile utility man and team joker Craig Victory has told of his predictions for the rest of the season.

‘’I think its all down to how much we want it now. We all know we are the best in this league and it’s a question of how hard we push ourselves and how we can all pull together to bring home the silverware this year’’ smirked the Wickford based player.

‘’I’m very vocal on the pitch, and if the gaffer ever needs to pass down the armband im sure I will be first inline to receive it. I think I deserve it.’’

‘’If we carry on working hard like we currently are then there is no doubt in my mind that in 8 weeks time we will be lifting the silverware and crowned league champions’’

Craig got on the score sheet for the first time this season in the Reds last game versus Spatan 7. ‘’I took my goal well, under the intense pressure and expectations I kept my cool out there and confidently slotted home. Hopefully this will now kick-start the goals for me.’’

Victory will be heading down to Waterstones in Basildon on Saturday afternoon, signing copies of his new autobiography ‘Born To Be Victorious’

Thursday, 7 August 2008


1st Goal is from Luke Mayes with a special header, 2nd was from his rival in the goal scoring charts Ricky Gill with a simple finish from some great play by Ross Webster.

We hope you like


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You know the score, you saw the match report, and we broke you the bad news on the match video being corrupted, after numerous attempts to rectify the problem I can now announce some great news regarding this situation, the match video has been saved! And we can now bring you the full uninterrupted match video, we hope you enjoy it, it’s probably the best one yet.

So here it is The FootballHeads Vs Spatan 7

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Rumours have been circulating that FootballHeads star, Matt Hughes, has been linked with a move away from the club.

Hughes was unpresent at the last match which could indicate he is looking for a possible move away from the club and so far hasn't been in contact with the Reds gaffer.

''I know Hughesy had issues with his contract, and after his last fine performances he has caught the eye of 1 or 2 clubs. I will be speaking to him this week though and discuss the matter. I am confident Hughesy will remain committed to the club and be a vital player this season.'' Said Pannell

We will bring you more information as it develops on this interesting story.


Footballheads continued there 100% record and domination of the Division 1 league with another impressive victory over a tough Spatan 7 side.

Returning to the squad, Leon Rider 20 (Chest Infection) but without recent hero Matt Hughes (Holiday/AWOL) the Reds got off to an even start to the encounter. Some neat passing and creative movement for Pannells men were getting them into some promising opportunities but it took all of 8 minutes for the Reds to strike first. Utility man Craig Victory pounced after a mistake from the Spatan keeper with a great poke to beat the unavailing Spatan keeper and give his side a deserved lead.

Then came two more goals before half time. Hitman Ricky Gill was the scorer of both, the first a clinical finish after a lay off from the tricky Webster who skinned a defender before laying it on a plate to the Reds hitman, but the second was a piece of magic. Some great fast passing from his teammates saw Gill into some space who sublimy slotted home an acute first time shot.

Controversy followed when claims were made by several Spatan players that the ball had gone through the side netting but after an inspection from the referee and video evidence the goal counted. 3-0

A Great first half from the Reds, all battling hard and creating good chances. Webster carving out his ballerinic style runs and passes and Rider dominating at the back like a brick wall


Not the best start to the half which saw Spatan strike soon after the break with a quick poachers goal which Reds keeper Ben Robbins could do nothing about. 3-1

Some point blank stops from Robbins were proving why he is now firmly Pannells number one choice between the sticks and keeping his side on top.

More Battling from Pannell, Rider, L. Mayes and Victory were showing why the club is sat at the top of the pile and the most feared team in the league.

After persistent closing down on the keeper by L. Mayes the Reds current joint top scorer managed to fprce an error out of the shotstopper and an accurate curling cross from the ever consistent Ross Webster saw Mayes bravely head home followed by a flapping keeper. 4-1

Luke Mayes then turned from hero to villan as he clumsily hacked down a Spatan front runner in the penalty area which gave the oppostion a much needed chance to get back into the game.

Robbins, bouncing on his line managed to force the taker to shoot wide. ''I practice penalties after every training session and have a system that works, i had it covered even if it would've hit the target'' proclaimed the Reds Keeper.

Dan Mayes, making his second appearance back after a career threatening injury was brought on to try and close down the opposition. Things were looking ok until he lunged into a 50/50 ball with his left leg (the career threatened one) and collided with the Spatan defender. After picking himself up Mayes felt a sprain in his ankle and had to be substituted. ''Things seemed fine out there, i was trying to get stuck in and it backfired on me. I've had a rough time of injuries lately but hopefully this will be healed by next week'' he muttered.

Spatan then provided an unexpected scare for Reds when they managed to slot home again. After a fine block from Robbins the rebound sat kindly at the Spatan forwards feet and all he had to do was slot home. Rider tried to get a hand on it but to no avail. 4-2

Pannell and Victory (the vocals of the team) were keeping play flowing and raising the tempo of the game.

Player/Manager/Captain Paul Pannell then for the 3rd successive game lost his head again as he chopped at one of the opposition. ''I went for the ball but caught the guy. He didn't like it but I told him if he wanted some then to bring it'' . The referee took no action against the Reds skipper though.

The returning Leon Rider put in an astounding performance at the back for the Reds and was as solid as a brick wall the whole game putting in numerous crunch and last ditch tackles and wearing his heart on his sleeve for the club. ''It was great to be back out there, i really missed not being part of the set up last week'' Rider said.


Squad : Robbins, Pannell, Victory, Rider, L. Mayes, Gill, Webster, D. Mayes

Man Of The Match: Leon Rider

(Due to technical difficulties we regret to inform that this weeks match wasn't recorded as someone didn't hit the record button. Rest assured next weeks game will be brought to you in video as soon as possible)

Monday, 4 August 2008


Footballheads 1 - 0 Converso

The 2nd game of the season for the footballheads was a true battle, and one they were determined to win. No player gave less then 100%, and the other team felt our passion on and off the ball.

Ben Robbins - kept his cool in the heated game and pulled off some astonishing saves, keeping the reds in the game.

Luke Mayes - let all his emotions out, and played like it was his last game. love it!

Paul Pannell - Lost his head! again!

Craig Victory - a solid performance, with not a single error made, and put in some awesome challenges.

Matthew Hughes - even though the game before consumed most of his fuel, matt still managed to demonstate his blistering pase and love for footballheads. Scored an abosolute screamer. "the best goal i have ever scored" he quotes.

Ross Webster - Held the team together with another consistent performance. Made all their players look average!

Ricky Gill - again looked deadly on the ball, but wasnt quite his day, as the ball just wouldnt hit the back of the net.

Man Of The Match: Matthew Hughes

Friday, 1 August 2008


2008/09 Season Squad Photos

The squad gathered at the teams local headquarters for there annual season profile picture shoot this morning, there was a great buzz around the camp through out the day and they all enjoyed there day off the pitch for the cat walk, so here they are in all there glory


Ben Robbins AKA Oliver Kahn

Leon Rider AKA Stuart Pearce

Paul Pannell AKA Norman Hunter

Luke Mayes AKA Mark Hughes

Matt Hughes AKA Nigel Winterburn

Daniel Mayes AKA Adebayo Akinfenwa

Craig Victory AKA Jim Carrey

Ross Webster AKA Barry Venison

Ricky Gill AKA George Best