Wednesday, 17 September 2008


The Official FootballHeads website would like to clarify and put right the disturbing rumour that is spreading on the internet today regarding the FootballHeads manager Paul Pannell, it has come on the eve of the most important game for the Reds and it was the last thing that the team or particularly manager Paul Pannell needed, Paul Pannell does not know the boy in mention, let alone be the father to the boy,
“I cant believe this story has even broke”
“it really upsets me that there would even be a person out there evil enough to accuse me of such a thing”
“I just cant believe it, what have I done to anyone to deserve this, I keep myself to myself and that’s always been the case”
uttered a tearful and angry Pannell. We will take action against any more of this slander and accusations made, the rumour is completely untrue and we would like you to all get behind the reds support them all the way tonight in what should be an amazing achievement for the club, and be the icing on the cake for The FootballHeads this season.

The boy in question "Terry Becker" aged 7.

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Anonymous said...

Hiy, i am litl terry becker. my mummy has alwyz tuld me that futbal manger paul panel is my dad. he just didnt want me :(