Wednesday, 17 September 2008


After last nights late fitness test physio Jay De Baggio has ruled Daniel Mayes out for tonight’s crunch match against A T F C. The news of this has rocked the reds camp, and brought even more nerves to the rest of the reds players, manager Paul Pannell commented on the situation "the boys are nervous, I’m not denying that, they now know what they have to do in order to bring the silver wear home, if they want it enough they can do it, but if not then its tough luck they don’t deserve it, but I’m telling you, there might only be 2 games left but if any of them out there don’t pull there weight, THERE OUT! no ones guaranteed a place next season and i want to see the will in the players to go out there and show me there good enough, I don’t want anything but a win, ill demand it from them!” Ranted a very moody Pannell. He also added “The news that Daniel has been ruled out didn’t come as a shock because i knew he had troubles and he's proved that, he has to sort himself out, it’s not good for me, the team or even himself!" Said a very sarcastic Pannell.

Today to commemorate Daniel’s achievement for the team here is an exclusive player card download of the man himself

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