Thursday, 11 June 2009

Red Devil Rick!?

Following the news of Real Madrids successful 80 million bid for Machester United Winger Cristiano Ronaldo, rumours are already circling around the world of possible replacements that Sir Alex Ferguson could persue.

One name that appears to keep cropping up is that of Footballheads hitman Ricky Gill.

Gill, has been prominent for the Reds for the past 2 seasons but manager Paul Pannell will be keen to hold onto his key talisman.

''Yes i've heard the rumours, is there any truth in them? I dont know but we will have to wait and see. Rickys contract is not up anytime soon and we would like him to stay but if a bid comes in that is substantial then we will obviously have to consider it''.

Gill is currently in rehabilitation following an horrific injury in which he managed to fracture his ankle. Could this latest injury prove to be a key set back in any possible tranfer?

Only time will tell but any updates and we will keep you updated.


The FootballHeads are pleased to announce that the new club merchandise is now in stock.

We managed to catch a quick word from the Reds playmaker Luke Mayes on the new items, ''The synthetic cotton on these t shirts feels really good on the skin, it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside''

Any enquiries for items are welcomed.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


We are pleased to announce that FootballHeads official merchandise is now available, Club Logo Tshirts/training shirts are available in any size for a mere £6. Also official club pens are available priced just £3!

Great stocking fillers, and a great way to show your support for the team, spread the word!

Selling very fast with orders coming in nationwide, please contact or comment if interested in ordering.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


FootballHeads hunk Ross Webster opened up a fleet of Pen merchandising stores over the summer during the closed footballing season.

''Im not getting any younger, so i thought i need something to back me up financially, so i came up with the fantastic idea of Pens!''

After opening up 7 Stores in the Uk, 6 have now been liquidated as Websters pipe dream appears to have not gone down to well with customers.


FootballHeads legendary shotstopper Ben Robbins has decided to hang up his gloves as he opts for his new career in modelling.

Recently signed up with Calvin Klein, Robbins stated ''I felt i had achieved everything i wanted at the club. It was the best few months of my life but i wasnt one for all the limelight and when offered a modelling contract i opted to switch careers''

''I spoke to the gaffer about it and he agreed that it was a big opportunity to turn down, but i'll always have the Reds blood in me! and i'll never rule out a return between the posts''

Fans were said to be disillusioned of the devastating news that the Reds heroic number 1 had turned his back on the club.


Rumours are rife among FootballHeads fans that estranged star Matt Hughes has been participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Hughes went awol during the Reds last campaign and these rumours may well be tru and tie in with his vanishing acts last season.

We will bring you more on this matter as and when we hear of more.