Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Rumours have been circulating that Reds number 1 shot stopper, Ben Robbins, is in line for a sensational return to the starting line up this week.

Robbins, was thought to maybe miss the rest of the campaign after what appeared to be an horrific injury.

Landing awkwardly on his ankle, after feeling a ''sharp shooting pain'' Robbins screams in agony could be heard from across the pitch.

''Bens ankle had extensive swelling around the area of the ankle joint. A common musculoskeletal injury in which the ligaments of the ankle partially or completely tear due to sudden stretching. This typically occurs when the ankle is suddenly "twisted" in a sports activity or by stepping off an uneven surface. The pain is initially severe and can be associated with a "popping" sensation. Immediate swelling over the area of injury often occurs as the injured blood vessels leak fluid into the local tissue. Partial tears retain some ankle stability, whereas complete tears lose stability because the strapping ligaments no longer brace the ankle joint'' explained Bens physio, Dr Patel.

He was stretchered off but after resting and carrying out rehab and physio provided by Dr Patel, Robbins has apparently declared to Reds manager Paul Pannell that he is ready to return.

With the Reds only needing 1 more point to secure the league title Robbins will be eager to be in the team and be as dominant between the sticks as he has been this whole season.

We will bring you more news as it breaks...

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