Thursday, 21 August 2008


Footballheads had every reason to be confident going into this game, 4 wins from 4 games, sitting pretty at the top of the league 4 points ahead of closest rivals Rayleigh Wizards. Wizards being the only remaining opposition for the FootballHeads.

Matt Hughes returning to the squad but without the utility man Craig Victory.

Unfortunately, the Wizards, only showed up with 5 players so the Reds were forced to side a field of only 5 men meaning 3 subs. This was later to be of a disadvantage to the Reds who are used to playing 6 a side football. Much more space on the pitch made this match completely different from the rest, Wizards coming out strong showing they were to be no push over’s.

Wizards took the lead with some neat play creating space and opening up an opportunity which they took by slotting home past the consistent Robbins in goal.

Reds did not look their usual self but were carving out numerous opportunities but to no avail. Pannell tinkering with the squad, keeping faces fresh to try and change things up. Then came an equaliser at the feet of Reds much talked about Matt Hughes. Hughes placed a fine shot past the Wizards keeper bringing back much needed hope for the FootballHeads. 1-1 Half Time Once again opportunities were coming thick and fast for the Reds but it just wasn’t happening.

L. Mayes, Rider and Pannell solidifying at the back trying to keep the Wizards at bay. Then came a break away from the Wizards, counter play and some neat passes set a Wizard through one on one with Robbins. Robbins spread himself as much as possible and slid down at the feet of the opposition but a fine side foot over the keeper made it 2-1 to the Wizards. This was now unchartered territory for the Reds. Behind with only minutes to go. Defending their The tempo sped up for Pannells men. More opportunities came and went. Just as it was looking as though it just wasn’t their day, Webster, after some fine trickery and skills fell supremely to a clumsy challenge from a Wizards defender in the area.


Webster clutching the ball stepped up to try and pull the equaliser back. Tension, silence. All that was present was a gusty wind. Webster, taking deep breathe struck his shot at goal……………………….


Shock, HORROR! The Wizards keeper leaving a trailing leg, finely saved the shot and deflected it wide. Seconds remaining and about to lose the ‘’Invincibles’’ tag, The Reds frantically tried to get back in the match but it was too late FINAL WHISTLE

The FootballHeads have lost there 100% status and the gap is closed to just one single point. A sympathetic Pannell spoke after the game wimpering ‘’It was just one of those days when it wasn’t going to happen for us. I think the lads gave it their all but with 5 players a side it made the game completely different, more space, and it just didn’t work out for us’’ ‘’We will review the game, I will tell the boys where they went wrong and what they can do to stop it from happening again’’ ‘’There is a down mood coming from the boys at the moment but they need to pick themselves up and just get out there next week and make up for it, I can see us bouncing back next week although it will be tough’’ Luke Mayes was furious with one person in particular after the game and made it known, ‘’The ref was a f£$king joke’’ He blasted ‘’HE cost us that game, he was very whistle happy and the game just could not flow. I felt like nutting him out there’’

So, exactly half of the season gone, the Reds, now without their 100% record STILL sit at the top of the pile but the gap only a single point. Can they do it? How will they react to the defeat? Will it be downhill from now or will the boys bounce back next week? One thing is for sure, we will be there next week and bring you all the latest news as it happens!

Squad: Robbins, Hughes, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, D. Mayes, Webster and Gill Goals: M. Hughes

Man of the Match: Paul Pannell

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