Thursday, 14 August 2008


Last night saw The FootballHeads take on league contenders ATFC in the fourth game of the season.

This match pitted the league leaders against second place ATFC with just 2 points the difference and both teams defending their undefeated status.

The weather conditions were thought to maybe play a part in the match as strong gusts of winds bleated across the playing field. The atmosphere, intensity and pressure of the game were felt by all.

The Reds, once again without influential playmaker Matt Hughes, looked set to grasp one hand on the league trophy should they pull out a win.

ATFC started the stronger of the two sides, playing very attacking football, whilst Reds seemed to be playing to deep and causing pressure upon themselves.

Constant bombardment from the ATFC players in the first half forced Reds shot stopper Ben Robbins to pull off numerous fine and brave saves, he seemed to be having the game of his life. If it weren’t for the string of saves the Reds could have found themselves in trouble going into the second half.

The best and only real chance of the first half fell to the (at the start of the game joint top goalscorer) feet of Luke Mayes. Mayes one on one with only the keeper to beat decided to go alone but struck a weak shot at the feet of the opposing keeper. Frustration was beginning to be seem on manager Paul Pannells face.

Second Half

Playing into the wind, after a stern half time team talk from the infuriated Pannell, FootballHeads came out of the starting block in a much more positive stance.

Flowing football, acute passes, smooth Runs, this was the kind of performance that is usually seen from the league leaders.

A move started after a fine save and quick thinking by the unbeatable Robbins created an opportunity. He threw the ball out early to L. Mayes and started a counter attack. Mayes burst down the left wing and gave the ball too Ross Webster. Quick thinking Webster spotted the ruthless Ricky Gill in the box and placed a superb cross to him, who then struck a fine volley which cracked against the bar but as it came down it clipped the heal of the keeper and crossed the line. 1-0 ! Gill taking his goal tally to 5 for the season.

More fine saves from unflappable Robbins made sure the lead was kept.

Then came the second and final goal of the game, Leon Rider solid as ever at the back, played a 30yard ball over the top of the defence and into the feet of Gill. Cool calm and collectively the hotshot Gill fired an impressive drive straight pass the ATFC keeper from 10 yards out. 2-0! Gill now on 6 goals

Pannell and Victory then tightened the screws at the back making sure the lead was secure.

‘’The boys gave me a lot to do in the first half’’ growled Robbins. ‘’I was, as ever, up to the task though and made sure I got to everything I possibly could. I just wasn’t going to be beaten out there, I wanted the win so bad’ He yelped.

Robbins was handed the man of the match for his sensational performance.

Delight at the final whistle could be seen on all of the Reds faces but in particular player/manager Paul Pannell.

‘’These boys are f%*$ing sensational. I think I have created an invincible team this year and expect us to go all the way. I cant describe how proud I am of the team, it is an honour to be the manager of this quality club’’ Screeched a tearful Pannell

So, just under halfway through the season the FootballHeads see themselves comfortably at the top of the league, played 4 won 4. Can this be the invincible season, can they do the unthinkable and win every game? One thing is for sure, they will give it their best shot!

Next week the FootballHeads take on Rayleigh Wizards which should see them, once again take all three points based on previous results. The match review will follow after that game.

Squad: Robbins, Victory, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, D. Mayes, Webster and Gill

Goals: R. Gill (2)

Man of the Match: Ben Robbins

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