Monday, 4 August 2008


Footballheads 1 - 0 Converso

The 2nd game of the season for the footballheads was a true battle, and one they were determined to win. No player gave less then 100%, and the other team felt our passion on and off the ball.

Ben Robbins - kept his cool in the heated game and pulled off some astonishing saves, keeping the reds in the game.

Luke Mayes - let all his emotions out, and played like it was his last game. love it!

Paul Pannell - Lost his head! again!

Craig Victory - a solid performance, with not a single error made, and put in some awesome challenges.

Matthew Hughes - even though the game before consumed most of his fuel, matt still managed to demonstate his blistering pase and love for footballheads. Scored an abosolute screamer. "the best goal i have ever scored" he quotes.

Ross Webster - Held the team together with another consistent performance. Made all their players look average!

Ricky Gill - again looked deadly on the ball, but wasnt quite his day, as the ball just wouldnt hit the back of the net.

Man Of The Match: Matthew Hughes

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