Friday, 29 August 2008


Reds manager Paul Pannell had a full squad to utilise last night following the inclusion of influential midfielder Craig Victory.

Victory had started all but 1 game for the reds and that game being their only loss last week.

‘’I do partly put the defeat down to the fact that I wasn’t present last week. I had a few loose ends I had to tie up with my book publishers which is why I couldn’t make it’’ chuckled the Wickford chap.

So, following the shock defeat to Rayleigh Wizards last week The Reds needed to bounce back this week.

Prior to kick off, ATFC and the Wizards had just drawn meaning that The FootballHeads could once again open up a gap again of 3 points at the top of the league should they win.

Victory was placed straight into the starting line up and the game was underway.

The FootballHeads started cautious, surely an impact of last weeks shocking defeat.

Flowing movement and intricate passes, this was FootballHeads bouncing back.

Once again, same referee as last week, the Reds were up against it with the whistle happy referee.

Not many chances were created by either team in the first half; most of the battle was being played in the midfield with Victory, Hughes and Webster all on key form.

A few good saves from Reds number 1 Robbins made sure that they were not going to go behind and have to chase the game.

‘’I have looked at my game and decided to hit the gym more. I can see myself bulking up and am currently bench pressing 60kgs, I can feel the benefits and my biceps feel bulging ’’ murmured a pumped up Robbins

To tight to call the first half was brought to an end by the referee.


When interviewed about why the Reds weren’t ahead Pannell declared,

‘’It’s not going well, not good enough, nobody is working hard enough out there’’

The tempo was then upped by Pannells men. Webster twisting and turning down the wing, Gill causing havoc up front for the defenders, Mayes and Rider creating a brick wall at the back.

Then came the turning point of the game, the ever influential Matt Hughes burst down the right pitch side and cross fired the ball into the feet of Gill. Gill spun on his heels opened up his feet and drove a cracking strike through the legs of the defender and pass the diving keeper off the post and in. 1-0!

All that was left was for the FootballHeads to tighten up at the back and midfield, and just see the game out. Then another controversial decision was made.

Following a disallowed goal from Gill (who else!) Matt Hughes saw red mist and unleashed a torrent of abusive aimed at the referee. He then squared up to the man in black and told him what he thought of his performance.

The Ref showed the red card to Hughes and the Reds were forced to carry out the rest of the half with 5 men.

When questioned Hughes stormed,

‘’He’s a F$%king C*&t’’ blasted Hughes.

When asked if he agreed with the red card he squealed,

‘’Nooooo-ooo, I just told him about a few of his decisions’’

Pannell then brought himself on and nailed down at the back

Only fools barely troubled shot stopper Robbins.


The Reds are back on track to win the title; this win puts them 3 points clear at the top and now only they can bring about their downfall.

Was the shock defeat the kick that the FootballHeads needed? Do they have one hand on the title? With only a few games remaining surely silverware is near enough a certainty.

Tune in next week as we bring you all the latest news, view and interviews.

Commmme onnnnnnnn yooooou Reds!

Squad: Robbins, Hughes, Rider, Pannell, L. Mayes, C. Victory, Webster and Gill

Goals: Gill

Cards: Red (1) Hughes

Man of the Match: Ross Webster

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