Thursday, 17 July 2008


Reds midfielder Ross Webster says he hopes his goals next season will go a long way to helping the club improve their fortunes.
The 24 year old englishmen wasted no time in announcing his intentions while at the club, saying he hopes to give the fans plenty to shout about.
''Im definently looking forward to playing at the brilliant venue and scoring goals for the FootballHead fans'' he said.
''I'll hopefully score enough for us to achieve something, I've always set targets around 10 and anything higher than that is a bonus''.
''I'd like to say 20 but for now i will stick with 10. The gaffer has been in the game for a long time and i've spoke to players he's managed and they said he was brilliant so that was one of the bigger reasons as to why i decided to stick with the FootballHeads this season''.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i think this website is great. ive been a football head fan for ages and go to all the games and ross is my favourite. i met ross after the final game of last season and he invited me back to his flat where he led me to his half decorated bedroom. i love watching his fast feet on the pitch unfortunatly his bedroom antics are just as fast. thank god for that lil blue pill.
from ross's No.1 fan